About me ..As a …..” Caulbearer”

“Why sometimes , ive believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”

Alice in wonderland , Lewis Carroll

I was born in what is known as the “caul” this is when a baby is born with a veil of  skin across their eyes    or amniotic sac around their head still attached, for me it was a peice of fine membrane across my eyes which had to be surgically removed and I  have a slight scar above my left eye from this . . Babies born in this way were and are considered gifted and most certainly would have psychic gifts along with perculiar abilities not found in normally born babies . Often included the ability to divine water ..be visionaries ..know or predict changes in weather conditions connecting to growing vegetables  the wise man &farmers in olden days  consulted these Oracles to know when was the best time to sow seeds and to travel etc   . Caulbearers were also known for  having  natural healing abilities ..especially sending remote healing  and hands on . The mark of the Psychic and the mark of kings Caubearers were always chosen to be presented to the Dali Llama.

 Sailors wives collected the “cauls ” and made them into lucky talismans to be sewn into their loved ones clothing or made into a pouch for their husbands to carry when they went to sea to bring luck in reaping good harvests at sea and a safe passage home , The cauls  were often stolen at birth and sold in markets for high prices .

I was  told I was an unusual child ad had the ability to see spirits from a early age..I often spoke to imaginary freinds and fairy people . I was born on the 23/5/1955 the 5th child of the 5th child ..so the number 5 is extra significant to me . ….

The number 5 meaning ..indicates visionary tendancies ..courageous ..telepathic  healing tendancies..motivational mercural … resourceful  a natural detective…  needs freedom to do things their way ..hates routine  and has a need for connecting to everything that is mystical and mysterious curious about knowledge of life hates being tied down by routine and opressions. Deeply intelligent  , philosophical and spiritually minded.

Connects to the colour blue .which is the colour of spirit associaated with sky and sea and depth and stability open spaces intuition  heaven and faith it has a  calming and healing enrgy .

This colour is widely used in heraldry and power suits ..Police …Firefighters etc connects to communications and the throat chakra . speaking truths from the heart and guidence in religious beliefs is believed to bring peace and keeps i bad and negative spirits away  In Marrage bridal tradition  use blue for love …

I grew up in the countryside on a smallholding , but with the early part of my life in a Romany caravan.I have alwys been very conneted to nature, plants and the land  and  always talked to animals and had a sensing of what they were thinking. my mum used to despair at me as i  would never fear going up to any animal and touching it…,she was forever fearful of me getting hurt but of course I never was  ..animals sense that you are a good energy . As I grew older lifes enviromental  programming took me away from spirit for a while , although i still saw spirit and knew they were around me , I never invited them in .

It was later on in my life after going through a difficult time of ill health that i had to give up work for a while to recover from a major operation. I began experiencing strange occurrances and spiritual activities strongly  around me once more. I began having visionary dreams of situations and people that came true  and seeing things before they happened, Being woken up in the night when i was alone with hearing my name shouted out  so clearly that i thought someone had come into my house !

I began finding lots of feathers around my home in unlikely places that  they couldnt have been placed or fallen ..along with a letter that fell out of  my journal that definately could not have been put there by anyone i know or in fact written by anyone living !( I will be adding all this information and photos and more of the story in my book which some of the above will also be part of )

Synchronicites  also happened more and more in many unusual and sometimes freaky ways. Like in my first ever meditation that i connected to a water spirit called Ran..( Ran is a norwegain water spirit that collects the souls of the drowned sailors at sea and takes them to a place i understand described as sea heaven ) but i interpreted as  “Raine”    she showed me how my mum passed as a confirmation by giving me the senses of how my mum must have been feeling when she passed as  she died of a pulmonary embolism which im told is like drowning as your lungs fill up with fluids . I felt like I was being squeezed so tightly and it was very uncomfortable but i asked her to ease of and it passed . I had  several other visits from Raine and she  shared much information  to me .

It seemed strange that  my first  encounter was with a sea spirit  especially as I  am a “caulbearer” child and I have a fear of drowning ..this i know comes from many past lives  of being born a witch and being drowned and hung upside down above water . I am a reasonable swimmer but i have a dep respect for water and i hate going under it ! lol . I will also explain more of my visits with Ran ( Raine ) in my book along with many other stories  of my spiritual journey. It has been a long and sometimes difficult path but very rewarding strengthening and enlightening  , and  im hoping that they will give guidence , hope and inspiration to those who are just embarking on theirs !

Up and coming chapters in my book  will be from my experiences with spirit , including

My letter from my Guardian Angel .

The sleeping Lady .

ArchAngel Metatrons healing  sanctuary  &

The Malta experience. …

..I hope you will.. ” Follow Me ” on my spiritual journey and that it will inspire and guide you  to accept much of all that is hidden will be revealed …

.as every secret will be brought to light !    ( Luke 12:2 )

” Have I gone mad ? …Im afraid so , but let me tell you something ….all the best  people are !”

Alice in Wonderland.  Lewis Carroll.

Love and Light , Patsi x ❤


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