Crytal for March

Hi There! Here is my Crystal of the month.

My Crystal this month is a very special one to me. It is an African Map Spotted Jasper. This crystal connects to the root Chakra but can be used in balancing all the Chakras.

Crystal for March pictureIts patterns vary and are like giraffes, hyenas & cheetahs. It is also sometimes called a safari jasper. Colours vary too and can have greens, browns and reds.

It assists with calming, grounding and relaxing. It has a very nurturing energy. It helps with stomach nerves and strengthening your solar plexus.

If you are drawn to this crystal you may need more confidence or be going through a time where you need to be strong and resistant to the negativity of others. It brings courage to its wearer or owner and is also connected to power animals and totem spirit animals. If yours is a cheetah, hyena or giraffe then it has extra power for you.

If you want to be more independent and have plans to work for yourself this crystal supports you. It enhances fortune and prosperity in businesses.

It is said to drive away evil spirits and also protects. It was used in some cultures to bring protection against sickness & snake bites. It also enhances spiritual intuition and alleviates stress.

Your thinking will become clearer and quicker if you use this crystal as a touch stone when studying or making important decisions. Also, if you travel a lot his crystals energies help protects you on your journey.

It’s a shamanic crystal and has deep healing energies and vibrations. Used by the Native Americans a sacred stone in their spiritual journeying. Assisting in astral travel. If  you are embarking on your spiritual path and want to develop your spirituality gifts then this crystal will assist and protect you.

It will help you with the awakening process and opening your crown chakra to connect with the Universal energies …. use when meditating to enhance connections with the Great Spirit.

Write down your dreams & visions and experiences in a journal. This will assist you on your lifepath.

Crystal blessings. love your Crystals….they will love you back. wishing you lots of love and light. Namaste Crystal Spirit x


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