“The Power of Flowers” – Daffodils


Lovely burst of yellow energy for Spring and March The promise of a new beggining and rebirth ! Once again the Daffodils bloom , bringing hope and renewed energy !

Your creativity is going to bloom now ! Take advantage of the new opportunities coming in to you now! Burst forwards and reach for the sky! You will be feeling a surge of energy and you will be inspired to do something you love! An old flame may return and a new passion might ignite.

Forgiveness is needed along with compassion, Healing will take place if you open your heart . There may be news of a birth or news of a project that will grow and bloom for you , You will feel uplifted and re energised . Yellow energy is wonderful for your Solar Plexus Chakra to boost your energy , Eat yellow foods .to help with this .

. Love and Abundant Blessings ,


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