Crystal for December

Hi there Crystalspirit here !

A beautiful Mexican Obsidian .obsidian

A very powerful crystal for protection and connecting to your spirit guides , It is also used for scrying. It has a mirror like surface and  this is why it is helpful to use in scrying , so you can look into it and see all sorts of messages . You can call upon its energy to help you when you are making changes ask this crystal about how you can correct any mistakes that you have made in the past , It helps you to see all that you have overcome including any mistakes used in your meditations it will give you clarity and protect you from any negative energies .

It is called the stone of truths so it will bring to the surface all that you need to know so that you can deal with it with courage . Its energy assists you to be grounded as it connects to your root Chakra .
This Crystal was used in ancient times as a tool for cutting as it broke easily into shards , it was used as a knife to cut bits of food etc .Jewelry and for Masks
This crystals energies are a very powerful energy to clear away all negativity , If you are drawn to this crystal then  There may be some issues that you need to have clarity with or need to cut away from your life now?
 Use it to ground you as you may have been feeling spacey or insecure . If there has been disharmony round you over the last few months then this Obsidian will help to ease all disruptions and conflicts  . Any feelings of fear resentment or agression from any situation will be calmed and dissolved .
  You may have been having vivid dreams or sleepless nights from anxieties or worry ? Meditate with some Obsidian and ask the lovely protective energies to surround you ..feel its strong protection and as you breathe out visualise all your concerns fading away . This crystal is for the sensitive hearted and it will assist to block any negative energies surrounding you and keep them away .  It will boost your self will and resistance to depressing energy . keep a tumblestone in your pocket so you can touch and hold whenever you feel anxious.Its shiny reflectiveness will keep you protected .

A very beautiful stone that will support you through times of difficulty and change .

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