Citrine & Turquoise Crystals

Hi there!

This month I am showing you some crystals that will assist with you if you are studying or learning new skills Citrine will bring you  energies of strength and focused attention .

This crystal boosts your energy levels and  gives your confidence a most . Connects to your citrineSolar plexus Chakra and helps with calming your ..”tummy butterflies”  use this crystal as a comfort touchstone  stone ..or wear it in bracelet on your writing hand .
Turquoise too  is a good crystal to use in times I study as it brings balance and protection . If you need to make speeches or any form of public speaking etc . It assists with your stepping outside of your comfort zones in exam times . turquoise

It gives renewed energy and inspiration and is a great protector of emotions so calms your nerves . Again wear this crystal close to your Throat Chakra as it  connects to speaking out truth .  Its loving energy gives confidence . . Have an Abundant Month everyone  These crystals energies come to you with love and light ❤✨

blessings  Crystalspirit ❤

For a full Crystal Reading please click here


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