Crystal for February

Hi There Crystal Spirt here!!

Here is my crystal for the  month of February.

Peruvian Pyrite.   pyrite

This crystal comes to you with love  and light.  It has  a very powerful  protective energy.  Stablemates and grounds you and helps you develop and use your talents and skill to create luck &  prosperity.   If you are feeling a little lacking in energy this crystal will help you recharge your batteries. Place this crystal by your laptop or computer to disperse negative energies that come from  the electrical ions.
If you are drawn to this crystal then your self worth need a boost Have more faith in your abilities.  Financial support is coming.  Rewards for your hard work!  Take a leap of faith and try not to have too much concern about how and why or where you will be going.  An exciting journey lies ahead.  Don’t   limit yourself with ego fears thinking? You can achieve your goals have strength and faith in  yourself and trust the Universe will support you.  Especially if what you do is a service to others!
Pyrite connects to The Fool card in the Traditional Tarot deck.
Think about what it is you love to do and have faith to take steps to creating it.  This may be a job or career you are thinking of doing or making changes around.  A project you are contemplating  brings abundance.  Your life is full of potential!  Give yourself a pat on the on how far you have come over and through the last few months.  This crystals energies will strengthen your determination to continue and overcome your negative thinking in the past.  Think about your diet and what you can do to boost your energy yellow fruit and vegetables boost your energy levels too. Your  Solar plexus is where you store your energy and emotions and is a yellow colour like the Golden pyrite energy.
Do what you love believe in yourself and follow your dreams  and you will be successful. The Angels will support you call upon The Angel of entrepreneurship.  And affirm. ” I earn unlimited income from doing what I love!

I have also pulled a Oracle crystal card from my Deck The Angels and Gemstones  Guardians  by Margaret Ann Lembo and Pyrite came out.  This is what prompted me to use Pyrite this month!

Have an Awesome month!
Sending Abundant blessings. Crystalspirit ❤.

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