Oracle Message for 1st – 8th April 2017

Crystalspirits oracle cards messages from Doreen Virtues Mermaids and Dolphins for 1st – 8th April 2017.
31 march.jpg
Know that you are worthy to recieve good in all ways . Dont let you self limiting beliefs block your manifestation of your dreams Open yourself to receiving affirm “I am truly grateful for the gifts that have come to me I accept them for the good of all.” Thankyou Universe .!

Mother Healing
Any negative emotions or feelings towards your mother will now be healed . Let them go send them to Heaven give the entire situation to Heaven now . By clearing these emotions and any other related issues out of your mind and home will free space for love .Healing and new energies to flow back into your life . Clear away any clutter or old debris snd be willing to forgive yourself and anyone connected to your issue . New Abundance love and opportunities will then begin to flow again .

Waves of Prosperity
New waves of Abundance are sweeping over you right now . Observe any ideas that pop into your head or any out of the blue meetings or chance phone calls . These are people and ideas that are being sent to you . It is a time when doors will be opening and you will be filled with renewed confidence and enthusiasm . Practice being a grateful recipient of good .Know there is an ocean of Abundance flowing to you now with no danger of drying up !

Two flying cards

Have Faith Your prayers are manifesting. Remain positive follow any Synchronicities and your own inner guidence .

Blessed Change A major life change is taking place and will bring you great blessings . Let go if the old to make space for the new . Keep strong and positive .
I am taking a much needed and deserved break .Β 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and week filled with joy and Healing light . sending Love Abundant Blessings to you all πŸ’œπŸ˜‡


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