Crystal for April 2017

April 17.jpgHere is CrystalSpirits April Crystal of the Month .

Messages from The Angels and Gemstones cards by Margaret Ann Lembo.

Blue Lace Agate . This crystal has a strong connection to Angels and you can use it to enhance your connections when you need help . It has a loving healing energy and connects to your throat Chakra . It is a time to speak out and ask for help . Ask fir what you desire . Speak lovingly with compassion and faith . Do you feel you are missing opportunities? Do you wish to be able to recognise them when they come ? Have Faith Divine Timing is at play! Believe that you are in the right place at the right time and affirm ” I always seen to be in the right place at the right time . Opportunities flow to me easily now . I am grateful and happy for all I am receiving from the Universe . I enjoy the benefits if Divine Timing! ”

Stay strong and positive The Angel Nadiel card came out with a message . Let me guide you in a new direction.

Dont fear change ..also don’t let the ego fear negative energies limit you . Dont put your energy to thinking negative thoughts this month . There are about four planets going retrograde it’s a time to re assesse ..rewind ..and rethink through your desires and goals . Take advantage of this slowing down dont get frustrated by the waiting . Divine Timing us at play and everything will fall into place in good time .

Have a wonderful April .💖💗💖 Abundant Blessings xxx.


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