Crystal Spirit Card 28th -30th April 2017

Crystalspirits card for the weekend is The Hermit . Pulled from my Wildwood Tarot deck by Mark Ryan &John Mathew
27 aprilThe Hooded man is here . He appears as the inner guide or mentor ..or simply a state of mind it is time to withdraw and rest . After a long journey through the wildwood many emotions need to be absorbed. This is not just yourself ..but the Universe . On a small rock nearby is a wren ..the sacred bird of kings ..revered as an oracle and keeper of secret wisdom .

CrystalSpirits message ..
Your answers lie within . Take time out ..go somewhere quiet and peaceful ..meditate on all you are going through you will get the clarity you seek and your Guides and Angels will send you signs to inform you that you are OK and on the right path . Draw upon your inner strengths and wisdom from your past experiences . You will survive any difficulties your inner strengths will support you . Relax ..reassess ..rethink and just be …wait and be patient ..stay grounded . It is a time for a rebirth . There is light at the end of the tunnel šŸ’–šŸ’„šŸ’–


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