Crystal for May 2017

Hi there .. Here is my Crystal of the Month . From my own CrystalSpirits Crystal Oracle cards .
May 2017.jpgStunning Amethyst. This crystal is a very powerful healer and balancer of all your Chakras. A transformation is taking place ..changes on many levels . It is now the perfect time to finally let go of all that no longer serves your greater goo.

Anything ..outdated patterns of thinking .or ways of being ..& . negaitive people or situations that you have been enduring .You must take a chance or leap of faith . A situation that you have been procrastinating over ?

Solutions are coming . Set yourself realistic goals and use common sense . Tune in to your inner self . Stay strong. You will overcome any difficulties . You must have faith in yourself and trust. It’s a time also to be looking after yourself . Self love . Self care is very important at this time .

Know that you are worthy of receiving abundance in all things . Take joy in the simple things and all that you have don’t put your energies to the” lack” Don’t obsess with your problems go with the flow . .keep your mind calm. What you think you create !! think positive wonderful thoughts. Focus on your desires .

Create a “vision board” this will help you manifest your dreams and aspirations There is great healing taking place within you . Remember to ask your Guardian Angels to assist you . Sending Violet Rays of Healing .

Enjoy & love your Crystals ..They always love you back . Have a great May !


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