“The Power of Flowers” – Cherry Blossom

Crystalspirits “The Power of Flowers” Oracle message today is
“Cherry Blossom ” This is my baby Cherry Tree . First time it has blossomed.

Cherry Blossom.jpg

Renewal and growth & Blessings
New beggining are here for you now! Take it easy be gentle with yourself .
Life is fragile …it’s time to live your life ..make the most of all the blessings you already have!

Change is coming along with abundance .! Nurture yourself and others .. any seeds you sow will produce fruitful results if uou take the time to tend them . Put your thoughts energies to positive outcomes not what you fear .

Everything is happening as it should . Be patient . This beautiful white energy connects to your Crown Chakra . Use your intuition and listen to your higher self . Meditate and connect to Divine source . The answers lie within you . Be calm and at peace with yourself . Everything will be fine .

Always be in a place of gratitude …even when you are challenged .
Say Thankyou to Mother Earth for your bountiful blessings and gifts .
Abundant Blessings 💖💫💖


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