Crystal Spirit Tarot Reading 19th – 21st May 2017

Crystalspirits messages for the weekend …using My Earth Magic oracle cards by Steven D Farmer

May 19
Lotus flower …unfoldment meditation synchronicity today! ( Synchronicity from my meditation post 💖 )

Lotus unique plant is rooted in mud and muck at the bottom of a body of water it’s stem reaching up to the light and surface where the leaves quietly rest . We learn spiritually from this anazing flower is how our own spiritual path unfolds to the light . It’s period of rest at night snd growth opening in the day it’s message to us it’s neccasary to fit this into your own growth . Be patient kind to yourself get your rest …things are unfolding at the proper times put your trust in the hands if Creator the one who holds the light ..your soul is always reaching for the light to fulfill it’s karmic destiny ..but even in this process there are periods of rest and darkness . Allowing is the key here . Steady faith and love will guide you .

Fairies Earth Magic .is here for you today.

The Fairies are telling you that you have the same power that they do ! It starts with loving the Earth . Re-connect to mother Earth this weekend attention to nature . The Trees and plant life . Meditate just breathe in the wonderful woodland or earthly air . Make a point if planning some lovely flowers or vegetables get your hands dirty . Touch the soil connect to the earth and ask the Fairies to help you take care if your seedlings and plants . Give thanks to Mother Earth for all her bounties.

Crystals ..Focus ..Amethyst crystal is here today with this card bringing healing energies ..This crystal along with many other types of Quartz crystals have been used for many thousands of years in healing and magic . This is a very spiritual stone as it connects to the colour violet ..your Crown Chakra .

Where your attention goes . Power flows pay attention to your thoughts …when we are consciously aware of our intentions it facilitates the focus of that spiritual power and supports your manifestations . It’s time to bring your focus to the subject of your enquiry . Eliminate all disractions give this your undivided attention . Focus with this crystal and you will have clarity . Keep your eyes closed and focus on your heart and that which you need to pay attention to and miracles can be created . To paraphrase a fictional elder . “Use the Force ” and use it in lifehancing ways .

Have a wonderful weekend . Crystal Blessings . Namaste 💖


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