Crystal Spirit Tarot Reading 22nd – 28th May 2017

Hi there! Here are CrystalSpirits Card messages for this week …
It’s a bit too windy and blustery to do them outside today ….I was drawn to my Souls Journey Oracle cards by James Van Praagh and Doreen Virtues Magical Mermaids and Dolphins.

We are being urged to have Courage and find the inner strength to face our fears this week ? Perhaps you may be changing career path or relationships ..this challenge has been put before you so you can grow and evolve and to prove to yourself only you can make the right decisions …by not taking that step forwards . You may find yourself only having to face it again later on .
Release all uour needs to know all the answers ..have faith and trust that the Universe will guide you to the right path ..look out for the signs ..Dont doubt yourself . Have courage to move forwards in any difficult situations .
Relationships are a big factor in some if your lives at present ..making decisions around them ..moving on or taking a chance? The message from this card is ..that people appear in our lives for a reason , a season ..or a lifetime? If someone is returning then it is because the situation needs clarification … Resolving or given a second chance? The people you draw to you are there to teach you and to learn lessons in life and love .Love and romance is also factoring now so expect suprises!
Success..I know that there is no greater goal than love the message here is a time of reflection and assessment of your needs .. .and how you can achieve success ..use the laws of Attraction and remember watch your thoughts ..your thoughts create think positive ! Ask believe ..recieve! A success on many levels is indicated .
Change. ..I understand that nothing can grow or evolve without movement. .Changes are on the horizon ..Wether you want them or not they are happening for your greater good! With change comes transformation and with transformation comes evolution never learn to grow if your circumstances stay the same become stagnant and frustrated embrace the changes with positivity .
Doreen Virtues cards echo the above ..amazingly !

Blessed Change ! ..A major life change brings you great blessings ! If some of you feel that your life is upside down at present ..? It’s because it’s giving you a different perspective and encouraging you to make assessments ..out with the old and in with the new! Change offers you fresh opportunities. .growth and to create new relationships !

Dream big!
Let go of small thoughts about yourself! See yourself succeeding! Release any negative thoughts or feelings of inferiority. Truly believe that you can achieve your aspirations ..Dream it ..think it . .believe it it!! .

Your intuition is correct ..take action accordingly! You are fairly certain about your next move and thus card has come up to spur you into action. This card cofirms that Yes! You should take that job! . Or Yes! You should look for a new home ..or Yes! Go for it in a new relationship or whatever it is that you are contemplating . The Universe is backing you and encouraging you to step out your comfort zone! Heaven wants you to know ..however ..all the details are being taken care of . You will be supported in all ways as long as you ask for help and then accept it as it comes to you in various forms . Look out for synchronicities .
I feel that a lot if you have been struggling with one or more situations over the last few months’s been a difficult transition . These cards messages and my own spirit guides are saying ..keep going ..have faith strong and courageous. .changes are coming and many wishes will be coming to fruition for a lot of you very soon . Spend time in quiet meditations or reflection when you can ..go outside walk and be with nature ..get healing and inner peace and clarity . Pamper yourself ..Dont give your energy to negative thinking and worries or anxieties …

sending you all much love and healing light bubbles.
Have a great week all xxx ..💖
Abundant Blessings.


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