Crystal for June 2017

Hi there ! CrystalSpirit here !
Here is my Crystal for the month of June.

June 2017.jpgKyanite…
There may be blockages within your Chakra system . You may be blocking yourself ftom moving forwards due yo holding in to old negativies from your past experiences . Grounding is the the first step . So take some time to do this . Sit and visualise roots coming out from the doles if your feet and send them down to connect with the earth bed crystals and mother Earth . Feel her lovely energy flowing up through your body from your feet to your head and feel the sensation of being totally aligned with the earthing of Gia .

Your life may be in need of an overhaul or change in many areas ? You need to sit quietly and reflect in where this resonates? This may be in focusing and balancing your heart ..what is it that gives you joy ? Whst do you love ? What fo you wish yo change? What is it that you love to do? Are you in the job of your desires? What is it that makes you feel excited ..and what lights your passions? If your job ..relationship …life isn’t giving you feelings of passion or desire then it’s time to make changes! You must do what you love.

Begin by making a list and set yourself some realistic goals then begin to work in manifesting them .

Blue Kyanite connects to your throat Chakra so you may need to express your needs ir wishes or just do some plain talking to those people who need to hear your truths?
Align with your higher self step into your own power and speak out . Express your truth kindly snd from a honest heart . Align your Chakras some self healing or go to a practicing Reiki professional to get Chakra Balancing and clearing .

Use Kyanite crystal to meditate and help you clear your blockages.

Balance and centre yourself and connect to Divine source ..ask Your Angel of Alignment to support you and assist with releasing the blockages to enhance harmonious flow of energy within you .

I chose my Angels and Gemstone Guardians cards today by Margaret Ann Lembo to assist with bringing these messages to you all .
Abundant Blessings . Namaste
CrystalSpirit .


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