Crystal Spirit Tarot Reading 2nd – 9th June 2017

Here are your Crystalspirit messages for this week 💖 I’m using the Flower Therapy OrVle cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

june 1.jpg
Open your arms to receiving …
Drawing this card means you may have been resisting to recieve help from others is the time to ask for help and be open to recieve. We all need a little help sometimes . Ask your Angels and be open to accepting help . You are in the process of attracting amazing opportunities . Give to others yourself and consider how wonderful that feels too ! I also feel that this card is telling us t stay grounded red is the Root Chakra colour so many may be feeling insecure or spacey ? Take time to meditate within nature and just visualise this colour flowing through your body …wrong and nurturing you . Eucalyptus too is good for clearing your individual head and any negative lower energies use this essential oil in your vaporiser or sprays of Eucalyptus twigs in your home .
Sunflower ..Smile…
Simply smile and notice the profound healing that this difference makes ..have fun ..laugh at yourself and make time to play ..note how smiling raises your vibrational energies notice that when you are no longer concerned with mundane things ..stress and anxieties time restrictions or even pain…”laughter is the best medicine ” the saying goes ..sometimes we forget to smile and have fun ..Smile now ..think of something that makes you smile ? Go do something that gives you a fun feeling and makes you happy might just write the word “smile” and pop it on your desk or cupboard or refrigorator to remind you 😊 make the effort to smile today ..A smiling face is a beautiful thing ..bring in laughter to yourself and others your moods are lifting ..your energy lifts ..Yellow too is the colour of your solar plexus Chakra so you may need an energy boost yellow foods help .banana sweetcorn ..yellow peppers ..melons etc ..sending you lots of Yellow happy vibrations for your week ! Keep smiling !!😊😊😊Abundant blessings
Namaste 🤗💥💥


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