“The Power of Flowers” – Buttercup

“The Power of Flowers ” from CrystalSpirit

Mint and Buttercups .
Mint is a very good herb to assist with indegestion and stomach queasyness. Mint tea is very kind to your stomach . A refreshing clearing and cleansing herb used eith lemon made into a summer cooling drink . Spiders don’t like peppermint so use this herb in your home as a spray to repel them . ….not kill them !

You may need to clear your head if mind chatter ir any negative thinking ? Take some time to pamper yourself and de-tox drink lots of water with sprigs of mint . Mint herb doesn’t like to become dried out at the Roots so make sure you keep hydrated too !
Clarity will come over the coming days and you will be feeling revived ..refreshed and ready to make changes . Be grounded and strong ..set yourself new goals and go for it! Mint sends down many roots and becomes totally grounded in any area that it is grown ..so take heart ..your roots will go deep and soon you will be flourishing . Growth and Abundance is indicated! Green energy of mint brings wealth and good health.

Buttercup ..Have you ever put a buttercup under your chin ..to see if you like butter? If it shines uou do ..if it’s dull you don’t? 😊😊😊 Buttercups are a very old wildflower and have been used for centuries in healing ..in cough mixtures and salves . You may need to get something off your chest ? You may need to clear uour thoughts of dull thinking ? Speak out and relieve your mind . Get it off your chest !

Use your energy wisely ..dont spread yourself too thinly ..reboot your own energies. Use Buttercup syrup to ease any coughing you may have ..add some honey too . .A problem will be eased over the coming weeks or days and you will be feeling renergised . Use Yellow energy to lift your spirit ..buy yourself some yellow flowers or go pick a few buttercups from your garden ? Place them in your window to make you smile! Butter-up Buttercup! 😊😊😊 Buttercup is a bringer of joy and happiness .use an attitude of gratitude to bring more joy to your life .
Abundant blessings
Namaste πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›β˜‰


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