Crystal Spirit Tarot Reading 5th – 11th June 2017

Hi there ! Here are CrystalSpirits messages for this week . It’s raining cats and frogs here today do I can’t do my readings in the garden today but I hope to resume them very soon

MY cards I’m using are from my Birthday gift cards The Wonderland Tarot . In a tin by Chris Abbey abd Morgan Abbey . They are fabulous . I love their energy ….. I do feel that a lot if people are feeling very vulnerable and insecure st present and having to make some big decisions ..I’m being told by my Spirit guides that we must try and stay grounded and keep focused in the positive outcome.

June 5.jpg
The Wheel if Fortune was the first card out .so here we are bejng shown that destiny is st play and things will be turning in our favour very soon …interpretation from this deck are ….the Food ..the mouse the Owl snd the Eagle have just finished a Caucus-race who’s stopping point is in the hands of fate. All opportunities are present ..and many will be grabbed beggining snd endings. .and ll things that are, that were , and that are yet to be ate on the wheel of life.Birth ..death od a dituation ..anything unusual going forwards or retreating ..into trouble all depending on surrounding cards ..luck or fate all things must be.
8 of Oysters (coins) Quickness of thought ..straight talking ..personal effort for talents and crafts ..this card indicates learning ..growth and financial rewards coming in ..using our talents and skills making the best of things ..put your energies into your self invest in yourself . Rewards will be shown .
Following this a theme of Oysters with the Ace of Oysters (coins) again giving us support and suggesting that new beginnings are coming ..a gift from the Universe to assist us ..this decks interpretation is Paradise ..perfection ..contentment.Money the body and soul gaining wealth . Items of beauty and value .
Last two cards out were the Magician and the fool . Magician card in this deck This card represents a fantasy world if Carroll own choosing ..a world where anything is possible a world where things can be anything you want them to be ?. Creative soul ..guile in the positive sense ..strong Willand the sense of seeing things done completed. You are the magician .. believe you csn pull that preverbual rabbit out of the hat! You have all the talents and skills to create the Magical world uou want . Believe in yourself can do it!
The Fool . The mad hatter stands on the edge of a cliff. He is wearing a hat he made himself ..and holds a slice of bread. .his shoes are untied a hedgehog is watching him …the fool has .a disregard for consequences at this time he appears foolish but he knows and trusts his decision will pay off.
The fool card in regular tarot suggests he is stepping outside his comfort zone ..good ..because there is no growth in stagnation ..take a risk today ..feel the fear and do it anyway . Beyond your fears lies success Don’t worry about what will happen too much trust that the Universe will catch you ..have faith in yourself and your abilities to survive .you will… you are a resourceful and intelligent being . You have many skills and you will land on your feet . Embrace the challenges ahead of you . There is no growth in stagnation ..
Keep yourself focused and as happy as you can during the next few days . Things will be changing . But for the better . Have faith and trust . Sending you all lots of rainbow energies and Abundant blessings . Namaste


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