Crystal Spirit Power of Flower Tarot Reading 12th – 17th June 2017

CrystalSpirits “Power of Flowers ” message for the upcoming week. 💜

Borage.jpgBorage ..Calmness and serenity are coming ..keep grounded and meditate. Things may have been a little hectic but smoother days ahead are indicated . Truths will come to the surface and new begginings will be made . Forgiveness is key . Be at peace with yourself and others .There is strength in Unity.

Beautiful blue hue of Borage calms the spirit and mind .Borage tea is good for lowering blood pressure and relieving malaise. Plant this herb by your Strawberries to assist yields .

Blue connects to your Throat Chakra so speak your truth your authentic self . Blue is also a colour closely connected to spirit and the Angels . 💙
Sending beautiful blue healing energy to you all .
Have an Abundant day and Week .
Namaste 💖 CrystalSpirit .


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