Crystal Spirit Power of Flowers Tarot Reading 21st June 2017

Crystalspirits ” The Power of Flowers “message today . Mallow ..Malva Sylvestris ( Hollyhock family ).

A time to stand Tall but use softness and healing . There may have been an ongoing difficult transition or situation . Hard times fade as new opportunities appear . Weave your own magical fabric for your life now . Stick to your convictions …use kindness and compassion . Feed your own creativity and your loving connections . Nurture all that you cherish and send out love and compassion to all difficulties and give thanks for their challenges . You have grown taller and stronger and you can now grow and expand . Don’t let the anger of challenging people or the negativity of others kill your high vibrations …keep grounded don’t become unbalanced prune your activities to suit your own needs . Celebrate the joys and upcoming opportunities. Give thanks to Gia ..Mother Earth for her nurturing and bountiful Abundance .
Abundant blessing on this Summer Solstice. Namaste đź’–



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