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Passion …Desire ..Fire …the perfect representaion.! …Everlasting , Eternal Flame, Wisdom and Protection. It is the chosen stone of Leaders and Kings.

If this crystal is drawn in a crystal reading ..or you are particulaly drawn to it , then you will have a need to be more motivated and a renewed passion for life!, Abundance is coming into your life and you must use this crystal to stay grounded. Any negativity will be dispersed from you and things will take a dynamic turn for the better!

If you have been facing disputes and problems in your life , these will be resolved. and you will have clarity to make important decisions. Also if you may have been feeling tired , lethargic orexhuasted ?… this crystal will boost your energy levels now and you will feel revitalised and your confidence will return. Your social life will take on a new slant with the meeting of new friends and associates entering your life ?New opportunities will present themselves along with good fortune. Use this crystal in meditation on your Root Chakra to help you stay grounded and keep you balanced as your life becomes busier. Pace yourself as things become more exciting for you . take time to relax .

Ruby Crystal aids in balancing your root and heart chakras, Helping with exhaustion and circulatory problems , and boosts your immune system. It aids your visualization and a promoter of positivity.

This crystal will help you in a personal transition or making and going through changes in your life . Strengthening your resolve and dissolving your fears . Encourages you to follow your dreams and gives you the power of motivation . This Crystal will light your path and a bringer of opportunity. It is said to be the most powerful Gem in the Universe!
Ruby will also help you in setting realisitc goals and heightens your love of life. Particulally good if you are having to make important decisions, it will increase your inspiration , wisdom and is a powerful protection stone.

Given as a gift for everlasting friendship and love. A bringer of contentment and peace. If it is placed underneath your pillow it will aid with bad dreams and nightmares, promoting calm and peaceful sleep.

It is particulaly connected with the star sign of Aries , but is also associated with many others .

Ruby Rings should be worn on the left hand to give you protection and help with your life force, as your left hand is directly connected toyour heart Chakra. Re-charge your Ruby crystal every now and then under runing water and charge in the sunlight for up to 4 hours. Enjoy!……………………………………………………………… lOVE , LIGHT and RUBY RED ENRGIES TO YOU ALL !
Abundant Blessings CrystalSpirit.


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