Crystal Spirit Tarot Reading – Midweek for 3rd – 5th July 2017

Hi there Here are CrystalSpirits messages for July ..mid week ..I’ve used my Keepers if the light by Kyle Gray and Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle cards . by Doreen Virtue lovely energies from both .

July 3rd.jpg
First card is guiding us to have Hope to use love and acceptance in the situations that are surrounding us this week . You will be able to see beyond the dark clouds you may have over you . You will move beyond your limitations have self worth .

Diana is here next sending you strength to achieve what you wish . Keep your focus on your high intentions set your sights high and expect the best possible outcome . Dont give in to your fears move forwards with unwavering faith knowing that the Universe is supporting you .

Your focus is particulaly strong around this upcoming . full moon !!
Horus is also urging us to be mindful of our thoughts keep them positive ..miraculous changes are coming in are connected to the Universe and your thoughts ..words and actions are like magnets drawing in the energy that creates and cultivates send your intention s and prayers out to the Universe now and expect a magucal positive result .
The last card also connects to the other messages from the cards

A new Dawn is here . The worst is behind you positive experiences are on the horizon . You may have endured some tough situations but now the way will be clear let go of all that hinders you now! You have turned a corner A new exciting beggining lies ahead.
Have a great few days .
Abundant Blessings … Namaste 💖


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