Crystal Spirit Tarot Reading 13th – 16th July 2017

Hi there CrystalSpirit here ..Here are the cards messages for today and the upcoming weekend. I’ve used my new cards Life purpose . By Doreen Virtue . Lovely cards energy today ..

July 13thLove and Light
message is encouraging us all to bring love and light to all . Please keep sending love and light to all situations and the world and yourself . Your vibrations do help and do make a difference ! Even if uou can’t see it the Angels are listening and assisting you
Infinite Abundance….
is here for you you focus your intentions to assisting others and being of service the faster the flow of infinite Abundance returns to you! . Send out your own negative energies ..worries and concerns to the Angels to help with your healing and solutions . Your prayers are heard and will be answered . Hold positive visions and feelings if being financially secure affirm this is the truth right now and see and feel yourself truly supported . This brings your wishes to fruition . Ask ..believe ..recieve . !
Career change .

There may be a change in the wind on the career front for a lot of you is a good time to make changes. This card is a validation for you that you are doing the right thing! If you have been wrestling with the choices of making this change then know you are fully supported now .

Dont focus on the “what happens if I fail” ego thoughts just put your energy thoughts yo being a success ..see yourself succeeding ! Visualise yourself making a wonderful career that bring a wonderful income . These are all possible take one step at a time .do it on a part time basis first until you can embrace the change fully ! …know .your Angels will guide you if you stay determined and fully committed esp if your chosen career supports others .

The last card fell out too and again it is saying .
.Protected …you are safe and supported while you make the change in career . It is safe for you to make or take steps in this transition . …provided uou listen to your inner guidence . The time is ripe for you now . Hold the intention that this change will bring you more blessings to you snd yo the world as an attitude of selfless service allays the ego fears insecurities . You have a unique lifespurpose that awaits you with open arms don t delay your happiness go for it! .Have an Abundant day. Much love xxx Namaste .


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