Crytal Spirit Tarot Reading 20th – 23rd July 2017

Hi there . Crystalspirit here ….WOW! Just pulled the cards for tomorrow and the upcoming weekend! Lots if Doors!!!!

July 20th.jpgMany doors opening up for us all !!! Never happened before all door cards!!!and a repeat of Door to Value!
Door to spirit urging us to stay connected to source ..use meditation yo help you connect to your Angels and guides . The orbs of light are guiding you leading you yo a deeper understanding unlimited potential. Listen to your intuition .

Door to Romance …new beggining gs in love ..this door opens into a new experience in love .new love may be arriving or a stronger live bond . It may be a call or meeting of past life soulmate energies . You will have an inner knowing that it is right . Also message here that self love is important . Let go of old energies so new can come through that door release old emotions and get ready to open the door to love .
Door to value again telling us …value ourself …..a door opens filled with money ..gems and a golden light ..bright potential for your future . Stay grounded and have value for yourself too . Exciting new begginings around finances are here for you . Think about your thoughts around your own value and your thoughts around money you use it ? Be prudent take care of your own needs first . Anything you value is open for you now again get ready to step through the door to prosperity and expansion and success .other cards that came out together were . Amazing spiritual guidence today !!!

The first Chakra . ArchAngel Michael urging us to stay grounded energy is flowing to your Root Chakra and will be giving you a sense if stability. If you have had problems in the past around insecurities and challenges . Then this card indicates things are improving ArchAngel Michael is bringing you strength and personal stability . Have faith in your own power to create your own security with your inner strength safety and balance returns . Michael guides abd supports you always call in him for help .
The last card again ..a Door!!!😆 Wow ..!

Door to personal Healing and Happiness!!!!!!
New begginings in your personal life . This card signals that your life is opening up to new opportunities changes uou may have been working ir wishing fir are ready yo blossom eith wonderful results . The card is a harbinger of positive change snd shows a door opening into a beautifully rainbow lit garden full of vibrant flowers and lush blue and gold colours and A Dove of peace . . Keep your intentions positive and continue to be optimistic about all your plans . Keep your vibrations high .

Dont let the ego fear come in . Be ready to step through all these doors now!!!
Have a wonderful day …weekend and keep your mindset in a positive vibration . Lots of good news on the way .

Keep grounded and balanced and rise above any challenges . The lively new moon on Sunday is a great time to send out your wishes ..and aspirations out to the Universe! Write your letter and list all you wish to have flow to you now ..have faith in the Universe !

Remember …..
..we create what we think! ” …Dream it …think it …BELIEVE it …live it!!!
Abracadabra stands for .. ” I create as I think!” So think magical thoughts peeps ! Sending you much love and Abundant blessings . Namaste


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