Crystal Spirit Power of Flowers Tarot Reading for 26th July 2017

Crystalspirits “The Power of Flowers” . Message

Lilacs. Lilac brings feelings of peace and calm . Childhood memories and innocence.
There may be a return of a past love . Passion may reignite? Messages msy come from someone you haven’t heard from in a long time . A celebration may also be a possibility this flower connects to confidence too so you maybe get news of a graduation ? .
Use your intuition snd wisdom you have gained over the past experiences now and have confidence to grow and evolve .

There is change on the horizon . Next Spring brings abundance to your life . Inner healing is also taking place you may have lost someone you love but you will soon feel stronger and more calm . Relax ..unwind . Remember all the lovely good times and loving memories .

Get some lilac essential oils and use in a diffuser buy a lilac tree and plant in your garden so it blooms for you next Spring!
Take heart lighten up ..tap into your inner child and have fun today ! !! Happiness and joy are on the way!
Abundant Blessings xxx Namaste


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