“A Crystal Spirit”

“A CRYSTAL SPIRIT” is my special personal account of my own spiritual journey written with the aim to guide you through yours, and possibly reveal at least a few hidden facts or mysteries that will be valuable to you in your own learning and Awakening.

Final book cover.jpgThere are many hidden facts that will be revealed to you as you progress along your path and sometimes – as with me – will make you feel a little bit like “Alice in Wonderland ” (Lewis Carroll)

My story is a sort of mini autobiography, a collection of true events that happened in my life and a useful glossary that will hopefully be invaluable to you, saving you a little precious time.  In the beginning, I spent many hours just researching the names of angels, meanings of finding feathers, places I visited in my dreams, spiritual meanings etc. So, my idea came of creating a manual to help guide you.  It is all compiled from my own journal.  My wish is that it will give Inspiration, Hope, and Faith to all that read it. These many experiences – some good, some sad and difficult – have helped me evolve and have been wonderfully enlightening and, some, truly amazing! It is a story of how I evolved and was guided by Spirit to do the job I’m doing now. I have been blessed, and I am very grateful and honoured to be able to guide others using my spiritual  gifts, talents, and benefit of my own  experiences, giving them support, and showing them that they too are able to manifest all they desire and deserve.

I know this is my Soul’s purpose, and I love my job.  It gives me enormous  joy to see others connect to their own Souls’ path, and to be successful in their aims and to shine the light on their paths too.

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