patsiI am a Clairsentinent / Visionary Empath, I was born in the caul (someone who is born with a veil of skin across their eyes), which is believed to bestow Psychic gifts, Sailors of old, would buy the “cauls” from the mothers, they believed it brought them luck whilst traveling the seas and kept them drowning should they fall into the sea.

I have always felt different even as a child and from an early age was able to see spirits. Throughout my life I have experienced several spiritual visions and have always had strange dreams which I now understand as messages from the spirits, I have always known I had some form of healing power.  Many people came to me during my younger days with their problems, and they always said they left me feeling better and more positive.

I now understand that these healing energies flowed through me from the spirit source, acting as a channeler for spirits to give healing to the patient or client, to give guidance through my crystal readings and healing through my gift of empath and natural healing. Over the past years, I have developed my gifts and I have been guided by the spirits, I now know that it is time for me to move forwards fully into my given path of destiny to help, heal and guide others, I now feel confident to do so as through time spent connecting to my spirit guides and through meditation, I have been gently guided and have had many messages spiritually, that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Always remember….”A journey of a thousand miles is taken with a first step.”    

I hope that my site can offer, Healing, Love and Guidance to all those that take the first step.

Love, Light and many Blessings.