Hi there ... MY CRYSTAL OF THE MONTH IS RUBY.... Passion ...Desire ..Fire ...the perfect representaion.! ...Everlasting , Eternal Flame, Wisdom and Protection. It is the chosen stone of Leaders and Kings. If this crystal is drawn in a crystal reading ..or you are particulaly drawn to it , then you will have a need … Continue reading


Crystal for June 2017

Hi there ! CrystalSpirit here ! Here is my Crystal for the month of June. Kyanite... There may be blockages within your Chakra system . You may be blocking yourself ftom moving forwards due yo holding in to old negativies from your past experiences . Grounding is the the first step . So take some … Continue reading Crystal for June 2017

Citrine & Turquoise Crystals

Hi there! This month I am showing you some crystals that will assist with you if you are studying or learning new skills Citrine will bring you  energies of strength and focused attention . This crystal boosts your energy levels and  gives your confidence a most . Connects to your Solar plexus Chakra and helps … Continue reading Citrine & Turquoise Crystals

Crystal for February

Hi There Crystal Spirt here!! Here is my crystal for the  month of February. Peruvian Pyrite.   This crystal comes to you with love  and light.  It has  a very powerful  protective energy.  Stablemates and grounds you and helps you develop and use your talents and skill to create luck &  prosperity.   If you are feeling … Continue reading Crystal for February