“The Power of Flowers” – Daffodils

Lovely burst of yellow energy for Spring and March The promise of a new beggining and rebirth ! Once again the Daffodils bloom , bringing hope and renewed energy ! Your creativity is going to bloom now ! Take advantage of the new opportunities coming in to you now! Burst forwards and reach for the … Continue reading “The Power of Flowers” – Daffodils


“The Power of Flowers” – Daisy

He loves me ..he loves me not ? Daisy..innocence, purity, commitment. .. You may be enquiring about a situation connected to love .. children ..or motherhood? Maybe you have a wish to be in a committed relationship or to be a mother? A new perspective on things will give you clarity. You also may have … Continue reading “The Power of Flowers” – Daisy

“The Power of Flowers” – Snowdrop

Hope and rebirth. Keep strong. Stand in your power. Don't give up just before the miracle happens! Something is stirring beyond that which you can understand or see just now.. Have faith! You are more than you know. You have endured the worst. The sun is about to shine again soon and growth and Abundance … Continue reading “The Power of Flowers” – Snowdrop