Intuitive Facilitator & Mentorship

Come.. take my Hand

Come ..take my hand ……do you need guidence in some situation ? ..Are you feeling confused ? Do you need assistance with understanding about your lifepath.

6 Steps to Freedom  10 Hour Programme – £550

This 6 step programme is designed to assist you on your personal growth and self-empowerment Journey wether you are just stepping on your path or half way through your journey. It is tailored to individual requirements and our session times will vary to suit your current needs.

Using my psychic intuitive gifts we will go on a journey to help you enjoy a meaningful, balanced life by understanding the energies surrounding you to create the life you truly desire.

The Initial Step is a Life Coaching consultation session to ascertain your aspirations and goals.  This one hour session will also include a Chakra Reading to highlight any blockages and what steps are needed to get you moving fowards.

We will then progress to  futher guidance and enlightenment, setting realistic goals and practical solutions to manifesting your dreams through self-empowerment.

We will cover many subjects to enables you to know your limits, expanding your skill sets, re-addressing your life style to make changes and re-structuring your current situation / career and Identifiying other options available.

Then the “Practical Possiblilities” of changing your current situation, i.e new skill sets. Reviewing your career possibilites, new relationships / partnerships and commitments and having the confidence to implement them.

Our final step will be our 3 month follow-up consulation and Life Path reading.

For consultation bookings please contact me on

Individual Intuitive Life Coaching Session – £ 75

This individual Life Coaching session generally covers insight and clarity. I offer practical consultations, to help you create the meaningful, balanced lifestyle your truly desire.

These sessions last from 1 to 1.5 hours and can be booked whenever you need that little extra support to take you to your next level.

For consultation bookings please contact me on


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