NEW “Light Guidance” Intuitive Ascension Readings

I am doing specialised “Light guidance“ Intuitive Ascension Readings !



These tailored readings are centered around you, someone who is stepping out into your souls journey, or have already taken those steps but require extra guidance.

Designed to offer clarity to your current situation and to outline your Soul Origin and Light, bringing either Sirius, Arcturian or Lyran, just to name a few!!

I will also be offering Crystal guidance, Ascended Masters Messages and Orb Energy Messages, for those who are seeing Orbs.

One 2 One Two Hour Video Call Reading – £ 80
This is for a 2 Hour one to one reading with me done via video chat.

“Light Guidance Reading” – £ 65
This is a written reading sent to you via email.

For consultation bookings please contact me on