Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui.  Since Reiki has become more adaptable, many practitioners incorporate their own special techniques and energies.

Throughout my spiritual and healing journey, I  have been blessed with many healing energies. My Reiki healing sessions and attunements have evolved incorporating my own healing transferance providing a unique and individual experience.

Many of my healing sessions will incorporate, colour, crystal and traditional shamanic healing techniques together with the Usui Reiki energy.

You can come and experience your tailored Crystal Spirit Reiki Healing session with me at my home in the beautiful welsh countryside or I am able to provide distance Reiki healing.

Crystal Spirit Chakra Balance Reiki Healing Session – £ 55
Including your free 3 card oracle reading and your set of Reiki charged Chakra Crystals
Please click here to learn more….

Full Hour Crystal Spirit Reiki Healing Session – £ 45

Crystal Spirit Distance Healing Session – £25

For consultation bookings please contact me on

reiki 3


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