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Welcome to Crystal Spirit Tarot.  Need some guidance for your life / Soul purpose, guidance for your career or relationships.  Feeling a little lost or have too many questions you do not know where to start.  I am here to offer a variety of tarot readings to help and guide you with your questions.

Generally a reading can last for 1  to 2 hours, as with all my readings i do not run on a timed schedule, so in some cases, they can run longer.

You can book a reading and visit my beautiful countryside home and even meet fluff..  I also offer readings via telephone, facebook video call or recorded email, which ever you are most comfortable with. Please advise at checkout your preference.

I also love meeting people, so you can book a group or party reading, please contact me for more information on pblackfordbailey@gmail.com

6 Month General Outlook Reading – £ 30

This is a month by month general out look reading of what to expect.  You can tailor this reading to any specific question or situation, i.e career or relationship.

In-depth 21 Card Reading – £ 75

This is a 21 card gypsy spread that covers your current situation, hopes and dreams, unseen factors and long term possibilities.

Chakra Reading – £45

This reading is ideal if you would like to know what obstacles are blocking you and advice and guidance messages that spirit provide.

Popular E-Reading £90

All purpose Life Reading.  This is an indepth reading that utalises my intuitive gifts and various skills of divination and crystals. You will be provided with an “e” reading and a scheduled 30 minute telephone or facebook video call. Upon purchase you will receive and email of instructions.

For consultation bookings please contact me on pblackfordbailey@gmail.com


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