Angel B

Patsi Blackford Bailey has the healing touch* The type that is on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level but also on a very Compassionate.

Her unique and authentic crystal and card reading skills and positive healing energy  are mixed with strong intuition and a strong ability to & what her client is feeling and really going through. She takes her time with you and really to all you have to say about your situation patiently and keeps whatever is discussed completely confidential as she knows some things are very personal and even difficult to address. She then spiritually advises in a way that few can in my opinion. She tells what you need and want to know but in such an expressive, caring & thoughtful way that is truly just not always easy to find and is very refreshing. What she has is a gift worth more than gold. I read an excerpt recently that states “Many people are psychic but not all are truly (or called to be) & spiritual”. I think I now have a true understanding of what that means. Patsi is a good person, a blessed friend, a strong & psychic advisor and a very gifted healer and most of all a truly spiritual individual. If you have the opportunity to work or consult with her, consider yourself very lucky and blessed. I know I do! xoxoxo ~Angel~